Casino Blackjack Strategy

Casino Blackjack Strategy

Online casino blackjack is one of the most strategic casino games that you can play. Vingt-et-un is French for the number 21, which is also a name for Blackjack. The game was introduced in the early 18th century and since then has been one of the most strategic and skilled games played in casinos. It is one of the most played cards games in history and has become even more popular with online casinos. Before you begin playing blackjack casino games at any online casino make sure you use the casino bonus to increase your bankroll. Some online casinos offer special blackjack bonuses.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite online blackjack game, click on the virtual casino coins to place your bet. Click ‘deal’, after which you are given 2 cards by the dealer/casino. Your main aim is to reach a total of 21 or close to it but not going beyond that figure. If you get closer to 21 than the dealer, you win. After you are given the cards you have to choose whether to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. Hit allows you to accept one more card from the dealer and Stand is when you are satisfied with the total value of your cards and do not need to take any more. The other options in the game allow you to ‘Split’ a pair of cards that you might be dealt with, to ‘double down’ on your bets, to claim ‘insurance’ if you’ve noticed the dealer has an Ace and ‘surrender’ which ends your game but you only lose half your bet.

Online Casino Blackjack Rules And Basic Strategy

At first glance, the rules of blackjack may seem simple, but if you master the blackjack strategy you will increase your chances of winning. Blackjack strategies include card counting where if you are good at math then you can learn this strategy easily.

Here are some key words to remember while playing blackjack:

HIT - After you receive your first two cards, you may decide to draw an additional card to increase your hand value. You can draw as many cards as you like as long as you do not exceed 21 points.

STAND/STAY – If you’ve chosen not to receive any more additional cards, you can select this option to stay at the hand value you hold.

DOUBLE DOWN – This option allows you to double your initial bet amount and to receive one additional card after the first two cards have been dealt.

SPLIT – If your first two cards are a pair then you can split them into two separate hands and bet on each one individually;

INSURANCE – You can claim insurance if you have noticed that the dealer’s up card is an Ace.

SURRENDER – this option allows you to give up the game and half of your original bet.

Blackjack is more than just a game of chance and if played with the right strategy you can have a successful and profitable experience. There are a few variations of blackjack casino games like European Blackjack, multi-hand Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack and progressive jackpot blackjack to name just a few. Every online casino has their own version so it’s worth checking the casino games before signing up at an online casino.

Best Online Casinos

See the top ranked online casinos in the table below.

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1 Slots Oasis $4000
2 Rushmore $888
3 Cherry Red $7777

Quick Guide To Getting Started

Step 1:
Download the free online casino software.

Step 2:

Register a Real Player account and make your first deposit.
You can also play for free as a Guest Player before making your first deposit.
Step 3:
Claim the Signup Bonus and start playing your favourite game.